lørdag den 26. februar 2011

"I worked at the words for probably a year. And I threw out about half of them. Because it's so crucial to get the balance right: if you get it slightly wrong, it can be nauseating. I was thinking about military music, and traditional folk music, when it's aimed at inciting young men to go to war. I wanted music to be like that. But it's slightly different: I wanted to incite people to say something about what is going on. It was certainly time for me to start opening my mouth, and say something about what I feel and believe."

"I grew up on the land. I didn't really understand much about what a town was until I was a little bit older. I can remember my first expericence of going into a town, and it being quite hard to handle."

"I do remember living in London, and just not being able to cope. At all. I'd started doing interviews, and that was the hrdest thing. In one of the first ones, I can remember being asked questions that nobody had ever asked me, and they were so personal - like when did you lose your virginity? I can remember blushing, and I didn't know where to look. I was so unprepared, because I'd been brought up to answer everybody's questions as well as I could, and be respectful and polite

"I've always loved the sound of an instrument played badly"

- citater fra interview med PJ Harvey af John Harris, Mojo 209.

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